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Coconut Water

Coconut Powder in a Coconut Shell

We offer 2 types of Evaporated Coconut Water: Standard and Performance. Produced using our proprietary evaporation technologies, both versions are made without any added ingredients and have guaranteed potassium levels in each batch, providing our customers with a consistent product and excellent marketing claims.  


Both of our evaporated coconut waters are available in organic and conventional, which look and taste the same. 

Covico Coconut Milk Powder

Performance Evaporated Coconut Water

>60mg of potassium per 1g 

Coconut Powder

Evaporated Coconut Water

>27mg of potassium per 1g 

​Coconut Water Powder Highlights:

  • 100% pure coconut water- no added ingredients 

  • Guaranteed potassium levels 

  • Clean, consistent taste 

  • Dry storage 

  • Cold water soluble 

  • Available in Organic and Conventional 

​Coconut Water Powder Applications:

  • RTD Coconut Water

  • Instant Coconut Water

  • Smoothies, Sports Nutrition, Meal Replacement

  • Sugar replacement in food, beverage and supplement formulas

  • Bakery and confectionery

  • Tablets

  • Alcohol (Beer, Spirits, Mocktails)

Coconut Palm Tree

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