Coconut Sugar

(Evaporated Coconut Nectar)

 Available in both standard grain and fine powder, our organic evaporated coconut nectar, also known as coconut sugar, is extracted from the flower blossom of the coconut tree. This liquid is then taken to our central facility where strict QC measures are in place to oversee the heating, milling, drying and packaging of the product. This ingredient is a delicious yet healthier, unrefined sugar, has a guaranteed consistent color and taste, and is incredibly sustainable. 

Standard Grain                 Fine Powder

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Our Coconut Sugar Highlights:

  • Consistent color and taste 

  • Alternative sweetener 

  • 1:1 sugar replacement 

  • Not an allergen – Comes from palm tree and not the fruit 

  • Unique sustainable story

  • Non-GMO  

  • Glycemic index of 35 

Our Coconut Sugar Applications:

  • Bakery 

  • Granola 

  • Confectionary  

  • Ice cream 

  • Beverages 

  • Clean label cane sugar replacement 


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