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Avoiding a Common Carbon Conundrum: How Covico Reduces CO2 Emissions With Evaporated Ingredients

Thanks to the increasing number of consumers turning to non-dairy alternatives and the health benefits association with coconut-derived products, the Global Coconut Product Market is growing at a rapid pace; predicted to grow at a CAGR of 9.65% over the next 4 years. While many coconut milk and coconut cream purchases can be attributed to superior sustainability to other non-dairy alternatives, often overlooked are the hefty carbon emissions that are a result of shipping these liquids long distances around the world. Luckily, through the use of proprietary evaporation technologies, Covico has found a solution to this problem.

In addition to being sustainably grown and manufactured, Covico evaporated coconut products also drastically minimize the concerns over carbon emissions that are a result of shipping liquid coconut water and liquid coconut milk over large distances. By evaporating our coconut water and our coconut milk/cream, we are able to reduce ocean freight fuel usage by 95%. To put this into perspective, only 555 liters of fuel are used for 1 shipment of Covico evaporated coconut water from Asia to the US. This container is the equivalent of 233,333 liters of liquid coconut water, which uses an astounding 12,213 liters of fuel to ship from Asia to the US!

Covico's efforts to reduce carbon emissions are not limited to our freight, however. Coconut palm trees are perennial crops, meaning they are harvested multiple times a season, have a lifespan of 50-60 years, and require less soil disturbance. This gives them the ability to protect soil carbon at a much higher rate than other, non-perennial crops.

Our evaporated coconut water is available in 2 potassium levels: standard (>27mg potassium), and performance (>60mg of potassium). Our evaporated coconut milk and coconut cream is available in 3 fat levels: 26% fat, 45% fat, and 60% fat. All Covico evaporated coconut ingredients do not clump, are cold water soluble, have a significantly longer shelf life than their liquid counterparts. They also do not require any refrigeration or frozen storage.

By using Covico evaporated coconut products, you are getting the best tasting products in the market while having minimal impact on the environment. To learn more about our evaporated coconut water and evaporated coconut milk / cream, to request a sample, or to place an order, visit, and navigate to the “contact” tab at the top of the page. A Sales representative will be in touch soon!


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