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Covico Evaporated Coconut Waters [100% Pure Coconut Water!]

Covico Evaporated Coconut Water is naturally sweet, has guaranteed potassium levels, and has a healthier market appeal

Coconut water may look and sound like a simple ingredient, but there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Coconut water is produced from young green coconuts aged between 6 and 9 months. The age of a coconut is important because the younger the coconut, the more potassium the coconut’s water contains. Oftentimes, coconut water producers are unable to monitor exactly when their coconuts are harvested, and this results in coconut water with inconsistent levels of potassium. At Covico, we have addressed this problem; through our selective and exclusive relationships with farmers we are able to guarantee the levels of potassium in our coconut water. We offer two types of coconut water powder: standard and performance, each with a different level of guaranteed potassium. In order to help you decide which type is best for you, we’ve broken each coconut water powder down and explained the differences and similarities between the two.

Where Does Our Coconut Water Come From?

We know exactly where our coconuts are sourced from and there is no funny business surrounding the path our product takes once it leaves the farm. Our coconuts come from many small family coconut farms near our facility in Southern India. We establish close relationships with our small farmers, guaranteeing that we know everything about our coconuts, their growing and harvesting processes, and the welfare of the farmers. The coconuts have a very short trip from farm to factory, where we apply stringently adhered to good manufacturing processes to guarantee high quality standards and no microbiological issues whatsoever throughout the liquid to powder process. Covico Evaporated Coconut Waters are shipped directly to you on time and without delay. As we are a U.S. based company, we handle all the importation so your company can stay focused on creating great formulas with our product once it arrives.  

What is Coconut Water Powder?

At Covico, Coconut Water Powder is the same as evaporated coconut water. It is 100% pure coconut water; this means it has no added ingredients, sprays, fillers, stabilizers, or gums. Just coconut water, the way it was meant to be! 

Covico Evaporated Coconut Water

Covico evaporated coconut water is available in both Organic and Conventional, which both look and taste the same. Both versions come with many benefits, including dry storage, inexpensive logistical costs, and a 36-month shelf life, which is two years longer than the average shelf life of other powders. Additionally, our 100% pure coconut water has no microbiological issues and no maltodextrin. It is very soluble in cold water, and has an incredibly consistent delicious taste and appealing color. We also guarantee the potassium levels in our coconut powders, meaning our customers never have to guess what levels are coming in the next shipment, worry about changes in taste, or having to reformulate the product. 

Covico Certifications 

Covico Evaporated Coconut water is gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, kosher, vegan, soy-free, and Non-GMO. Leaving your customers with peace of mind that your product is natural and suitable for most diets. 

Covio products are sugar-free, gluten-free, Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Soy-free, and Non-GMO.

Performance Evaporated Coconut Water

We offer two versions of our evaporated coconut water that differ in potassium levels. Our Performance Evaporated Coconut Water has >60mg potassium per 1 g of powder. It is slightly salty due to its high potassium content, so is best used in formulations that have added fruits, flavors, and sweeteners. Covico performance evaporated coconut water is a great ingredient for sports drinks and supplements, adding necessary electrolytes and potassium levels. 

For companies looking for even more potassium, we can offer an Ultra High Potassium Coconut Water with >100mg potassium per 1g of product available upon request. 

Standard Evaporated Coconut Water

Our Standard Evaporated Coconut Water  has >27 mg potassium per 1 g of powder. This product is great for standalone ingredients, and has all the same benefits and nutrients as liquid coconut water. Covico standard evaporated coconut water can also be used to build sweetness in formulations. The naturally occurring sugars in our product can offer a variety of uses. Of course, coconut water powder works in beverage- it tastes like and looks like coconut water when reconstituted.

Creatively, however, some of our customers also use evaporated coconut water in ice cream, fruit bars, snack bars and granola. Our ingredient gives the extra sweetness a product may need, allowing brands to avoid adding any sugars.

We pride ourselves on the quality, delicious and clean taste, and many uses of our 100% pure evaporated coconut waters, and we hope to make it an ingredient in your product! For more information or to place an order, visit our website, click "inquire”, and contact a sales representative. Looking for other coconut products? View our other innovative Covico coconut ingredients here


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