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Embracing Our Role as an Ethical Coconut Supplier

Covico founders gather for a photo with Indonesian children after playing a game of soccer

At Covico, our mission is to provide the world with the most ethically sourced coconut products, with minimum impact on the earth, and maximum benefit to the community. This means displaying our strong values day in and day out through ethical farming practices and as ethical coconut manufacturers. Here are some of the ways that we proudly remain ethical coconut suppliers while providing our customers with the most delicious and sustainable coconut products in the market.

Fair Trade Practice

We pay higher than average prices for crops, and higher than average incomes to our factory workers. We also make sure that our farmers are taken care of, paid fairly and paid more whenever and wherever necessary. This is to ensure the best quality, and supply when demand is high. We’ve built strong partnerships with our farmers that have allowed us all to grow together and enjoy the fruitful benefits of coconuts.

Small and Local Family-Owned Coconut Farms

We work on an exclusive basis with farms near our production facilities throughout India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These farms are small shareholder and local family-owned farms, many of which are exclusively female owned. It is our mission to ensure that new generations share in the worldwide growth of the coconut industry.

Socioeconomic Program Implementation

Through the development of socioeconomic programs, we help our farmers give back to their communities. The expansion of our company has allowed the regions we work in to experience an increase in job availability and better education with the economic growth. Our quality coconut products are supplied to our customers with equal happiness from farms to villages!

Commitment to Non-GMO and Organic Coconuts 

When it comes to pesticides, many are faced with a decision: either purchase from a large corporate coconut plantation that guarantees organic status, or take a risk on several smaller family farms. Our exclusive and close relationships with our family-owned farms in India, Indonesia and the Philippines guarantee the absence of pesticide use. With Covico’s ingredients, you are supporting family farms while ensuring your customers pesticide-free coconut ingredients.

No Animal Use or Testing

We are committed to responsible, sustainable, and humane coconut harvesting. Covico does not approve of or engage in the use of trained monkeys for harvesting coconuts, nor do we use any animals in any stage of our process. We do not source from any farms that utilize trained monkey labor. Our close, long-term supplier relationships and frequent supplier audits guarantee that no monkey labor, inhumane harvest activity, or animal use whatsoever occurs on the farms. 

Delicious ingredients mean nothing if you can’t feel good about consuming them. We promise that everything produced by Covico is done so with every community, person, animal, and environment involved in mind from start to finish. Read more about the Covico Story and how we strive to give back each day. Or, learn about our ethically and Sustainably sourced and produced Coconut Ingredients such as our Evaporated Coconut Water and our Evaporated Coconut Nectar.


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